Heidi und Kay Wächter mostly made music for churches. Therefore most songs have a clear christian message proclaiming Jesus as the savior of The World. Here you will soon find music for for children, youth, and grownups. You´ll find sheet music, soundtracks, music videos, instrumentals, pop, soul, gospel, jazz and mainstream. When the songs were made they were modern and contemporary music. Have fun listening to this. Use these songs privately and in public. Share them!

Good To Me

Goodness comes towards your every day a new, just like the water in a river. God is the giver of all this goodness, even when it comes through precious people. This is a song of praise for that. Kay Wächter and Peter Eltermann made the lyrics, Kay Wächter the music and Heidi Annett Wächter did the vocals.

Heavenly Sunlight

This is a wonderful summersong where the love of God is compared with the sunshine. Let this sun kiss you today, share this song and sing along! H.J. Zelley and Kay Wächter made the lyrics, Kay Wächter the music and Heidi Annett Wächter sings.

Our Hope

There is hope for a new tomorrow! Kay og Heidi Annett Wächter proclaim this in these Lyrics and  Kay Wächter made the music. The chorus of „When we all get to heaven“ made by Eliza E Hewitt and Emily D Wilson is built in this song. Use and share this song. We provide sheet music, playback and more.

We Lift Him Up!

It is Jesus this song is made to worship. We made this song to celebrate 30 years of „Chormappe“, an annual Choirbook in Germany. Published 2020. We gladly send you sheet music and  playback.s Text: Kay an Heidi Annett Wächter, music: Kay Wächter

Shine On Me

Lyrics og music: Kay Wächter, voice: Heidi Annett Wächter. This song spekks of light, and that might be the reason why it is often used at Christmastime. But we need this kind of light through every season in life. We put lyrics on this video because we hope you will sing along and use this song in your settings. We gladly send you playback and sheet music in different arrangements.