Kay og Heidi Annett Wächter 

Skogbakken 3

1927 Rånåsfoss, Norway

Tel. +47-90163753
Tel. +47-91388466

eMail: info@(add)heikaymusic.de

Heidi Annett Wächter is responsible for the treatment of the information about persons, collected when somebody order things for heikaymusic. Contact her at heidi@(add)heikaymusic.de or telefonisch, +47- 91388466 if you have further questions.

We collect first names in order to communicate in a personal way with our customers. The emails are collected in order to send what the customer ordered.

The legal foundation to collect this information is the permission the costumer gave heikaymusic online as they made their order.

Nobody else than Heidi Annett Wächter will ever get the personal information collected here, also Nobody outside EU/EØS.

The personal information will be kept for 2 years, but if the customer want to Prolog this time it is possible. 

Heidi Annett Wächter is responsible that heikaymusic all the time is following the newest, norwegian laws to protect information about the customers. The customer always have the right to see, correct and delete the information about them for ever. Just ask for it in an email to heidi@(add)heikaymusic.de.